Faroe Islands News6/1/19  I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit and photograph in 4 of the 18 wild and rugged islands of Faroe Islands archipelago.  The common theme of the islands are sheer sea cliffs, vast colonies of seabirds, and enumerable waterfalls- a truly rewarding photographic experience.  Check out some of my favorite images. 

Scotland News5/23/19  The medieval cities of the Lowlands and the Lochs and Isles of the Highlands in Scotland are simply fascinating, both historically and scenically.  I spent a week and a half touring the country.  Here are my best images from the trip.

Philippines Trip News3/14/19- Just back from an ocean adventure in the Philippines... namely, the Palawan Island archipeligo.  Two weeks of cruising and snorkeling in unbelieveably  clear water in bays, coves, and hidden lagoons around Puerto Princesa, El Nido, & Coron island clusters. By the way, the Philippines have over 7000 islands!  Check out my pics.

Christmas Markets Trip News12/28/18- My wife and I got into the holiday spirit with a Danube River cruise stopping at several places (actually in 4 different countries) to visit the palaces, castles, and most notably- the Christmas Markets.  Highly recommended.

Nepal News11/12/18-  The destination of Nepal has always intrigued me as a potential exotic location.  I finally made it there a few weeks ago and was certainly not disappointed.  Great landscape photography and the people were so open to having their picture taken.  Out of many possible photographs I have narrowed them down to my favorites in my Nepal Gallery. 

Portugal Gallery6/13/18- Palaces set above mist-covered woodlands, craggy cliff-top castles and stunningly preserved medieval town centers- these are just a few of the photographic possibilities in Portugal that still bears the mark of invading Celts, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christian.  To view just a few of Portugal's  sensory gifts to travelers, visit my Portugal Gallery.

Galapagos News4/26/2018- Just returned from a 9 day small ship cruise in the Galapagos, visiting 9 of the 16 islands.  This area is truly a paradise for wildlife photographers, since the mammals and birds have no fear of people and closeup picture are so easy to accomplish.  I have placed some of my favorite images in my Ecuador gallery.  Have a look- it might just trigger you to grab a plane ticket and head down there.

Armenia Georgia News11/5/2017-  Just back from a trip that really wasn't on my bucket list, but so glad that I went there.  I am
refering to the countries of Georgia and Armenia located in a region coined "Eurasia".  Daily explorations were like studies of ancient history- monasteries, remote mountain villages, and enduring cathedrals.  To view images visit both my  Armenia & Georgia galleries.

Japan Trip6/10/17-  Since I spent some of my Army service in the Ryukyu island of Okinawa, Japan; I had always wanted to return to that part of the world to see and photograph the changes that had happened to that island over the course of the last 40 years.  I and my wife ended up on a cruise itinerary that covered not only the island of Okinawa but also central Japan, the Inland Sea of Japan, the Ryukyu islands, Taipei, and a brief visit to Korea.  It was a great way to cover a lot of locations, otherise the logistics of such a trip would have been extremely difficult- not to mention the time involved in doing so.  So without further adeu, please visit my Asia gallery to view the various images of the trip.

Costa Rica Gallery4/15/2017  During this springtime, I made the pilgrimage to Costa Rica to catch the landscape in lush and cooler conditions.  Specifically, I traveled to the Monteverde Cloud Forest, Arenal Volcano Rainforests, and the coastal area of Manuel Antonio National Park.
Please visit my Costa Rica Gallery to view these images. 

Ethiopia Gallery3/15/2017-  Just spent almost a month touring and photographing in the northern, central, and southern areas of Ethiopia.  I got great shots of such subjects as: ancient tribes of Omo Valley, below ground level rock churches in Lalibela, ancient monasteries on Lake Tana, the rugged mountain wilderness of the Simien Mountains, and most importantly- the people engaged in their daily lives.  To view these images, please visit my Ethiopia gallery.

Spain Trip News8/9/16-  I have just added my favorite images of Spain, including Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Sevilla, and some white-washed hill towns.  Here is the link.

India Trip News4/12/16-  I have finally added my select images of last autumn's trip to India.  Yes, it took awhile but downsizing to another home and getting my old one in shape for relisting did take longer than I planned!  Anyway, please enjoy viewing my pics of Delhi, Jaipur, the Dussehra Festival of Kota, Ranthambore NP, Kalakho, Agra, and Varanasi.  Yes, it is another world!

Yellowstone Trip News1/20/15- I have just added some select images of my recent trip to Yellowstone NP in my new Wyoming gallery.  These pictures were taken during the Christmas holiday.  There is no better place to be to get into the Christmas spirit in this winter wonderland and at the same time- take some great pictures!

France Trip News11/18/14- I have just added select images into my new France gallery.  These pictures are the most representative of my fall tour of France: Paris, Loire Valley, Dordogne River Valley, Carcassonne, Provence, and Cote d'Azur.   Enjoy!

Tasmania eBook announcement7/16/14- My Photographer's Guide ebook to the Island of Tasmania is now available.

Chile Argentina trip news4/28/14-My cream of the crop images of both Argentina and Chile have been added to my Latin America Gallery.

Central Calif Coast eBook announenent
2/15/2014- I have just release my second ebook "Photographer's Guide to the Central California Coast".  Benefit from my decades of hiking and photographing in this incredably diverse coastal area.

Hungary trip news12/6/13- Some of my favorite pictures of Hungary have been added to my Europe Gallery.

Prague trip news11/25/13- View my photographer's guide to Prague, Czech Republic on my recent blog post.

Hidden Yosemite ebook announcement7/8/13- I have published my firstPhotographer's Destination Guide eBook which provides detailed information on rarely photographed and published locales in Yosemite NP and the adjoining Hoover Wilderness area.  Benefit from my first hand photographer's experience and bring home unique & distinctive images from these two areas.


Tasmania trip news5/12/13- Photos of my recent trip to Australia which includes the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and the wilderness island of Tasmania have been added to my website's galleries.  Enjoy!

Big Sur trip news2/22/13- Photos of my recent trip to the rugged Big Sur area on California's coastal Highway 1 have been added to my California gallery.

Plitvice Lakes trip 12/12/12- My photo essay on the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia has been posted on


China trip news11/23/12- A China Gallery has been added to my website as a result of my 2 week photo trip into three provinces of Southwest China (Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou)  to photograph the landscape, villages, and ethnic people groups that have changed little as compared to the rest of China's modernization movement.  Enjoy!

Conness Lakes trip news9/7/2012 - My latest hike into the Hoover Wilderness next to the NE corner of Yosemite NP surprised me with the discovery of a faint spur trail from the Twenty Lakes Basin into a higher altitude rugged basin containing the Conness Lakes. Visit my California Gallery to view the images that came out of that productive day hike.

England's lake district news

8/20/2012 - Check out my blog for my photographer's experiences and tips a the world travel destination of the Lake District of north west England.

Gifford Pinchot NF trip

8/15/2012 -  New pictures added to the Washington & Oregon Galleries, covering the waterfall areas north of the Columbia River Gorge in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest of Washington as well as on the south side of the River on the Columbia River Scenic Byway of Oregon.